Anti Narcotic & Alcoholic Missionary Service
An internomional christian organisation

" Say 'NO' to any addictive substances "

Say NO To Drugs & Alcahole...
Say YES To Life !

ANAMS, an International Christian Organisation. ANAMS Mukthibhavan De-addiction centre is a holistic counseling centre for alcoholics and addicts. In the last six years more than 600 people were delivered from their bad habits, due to that more than 2000 family members came to know that Jesus is the savior and they are living happily. This centre includes awareness classes, experience sharing, counseling, prayer, meditation and also the fellowship.

ANAMS does not use medicines for the deliverance. Food and accommodation will be free for the people... more>>


  • Counseling
  • Intervention by visiting homes of alcoholics and addicted persons.
  • Fasting Prayer
  • Chain Prayer
  • Night Prayer
  • Follow up prayer meeting in churches & homes
  • Awareness programs & Exibitions


Leading the Alcoholics, Drug Addicts and those in the wrong path in the right way to the Lord’s kingdom... more>>